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Reasons which make Full Staff Music the best choice for you

Highly Qualified Instructors
Our music teachers have university training and degrees in music and extensive performance experience. Our instructors are chosen not only for their qualifications, but also for their ability to relate to the needs of students. Our teachers are personable and outgoing, and they come from a variety of backgrounds and teaching styles so we can ensure that students can find a good personality fit. Our instructors adjust their teaching styles and materials to accommodate an individual's learning needs, musical tastes, and special interests and goals. Our school of music provides an optimistic, supportive, and fun setting where students look forward to their weekly lesson.

All Ages - Brand New to Music to Advanced
Our current students range from 6 years old to many students in their 60s and 70s. We take care to teach what you want to learn so music is rewarding for students of all ages and levels.

Private Lessons
Private lessons ensure that the student has the undivided attention of the instructor and can progress at a level suited to them individually.

Audition, Concert, & Contest Preparation
Instructors are able to offer supplementary training for students involved in school programs to aid in preparation for auditions, concert solos, and music contests.

Professional Studio Environment
Our teaching studios come equipped with all the necessary gear to learn and play - amplifiers, pianos, keyboards, full drumset and associated percussion, and CD and iPod players.

One Stop Shop
Our school of music is part of a full-service music shop with the ability to assist you with all your musical needs. We offer sales and rentals to our students in need of an instrument, and we carry all the books and accessories you'll need to learn your instrument and maintain it. We also repair instruments when the worst happens, and can teach students about basic care and maintenance of their instruments to prevent problems.

Convenient Location
We are located on Main St. in downtown St. Charles, on the west side of the Fox River. We are across the street from Thompson and Haines Middle Schools, and nearby to other public and private schools.We have our own easy-access private parking lot. We also have indoor and outdoor waiting areas for students and their families, and there are many stores, coffee shops, and restaurants in the area for parents who choose not to wait at our site. 





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